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Thursday, April 9, 2009

,,>FANCLUB in Memories<,,


For all second-year students of International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) who takes Leadership and Management Package need to accomplish a task given by their trainer. All students have been divided into three groups in each section to do a project. All groups are required to run a business either service line or selling foods. Our trainer has assigned all students to their own group. Our company named the FAN CLUB consists of ten members. Our group decided to run a business in the service line. After our first meeting, we come out with a decision which is to do fan cleaning services.

The Reason for Choice of Service

First of all, we chose cleaning service as our service. In specific, we chose fan cleaning service. Recently, most of the residents of Mahallah Maryam have been issued compound letter mainly because of their dirty fans. As a result to this circumstance, our group comes with a solution which is fan cleaning service. We offer to clean their dirty fans in the lowest price. Basically, the main reason why we chose this service is because we are concern about our members who got the compound letter just because of their dirty fans.

There are quite a number of reasons why their fan is dirty. One of them is because they are very busy and they do not have much time to allocate to clean their own fan. Secondly, it is because some of them are actually allergic to dust or having certain illness like asthma. Then some of them are quite lazy to climb up to disassemble the fan since it is quite tiring to do so. In addition, to make it easier they should have partner to clean one fan and they do not want to bother any of their friends. Consequently they do not mind getting compound letter when they have this kind of problems.

When we first came out with this solution, those people who are our target are so happy since they do not have to trouble themselves anymore. However, for those who do not have any problem to clean their fan alone do not bother much about our service. Before we started to choose this service, we already made a survey looking up for current issues and followed by searching for our target. Our issue here is numbers of students who received the compound letter because of dirty fan. Subsequently our target is students who are busy, who have certain illness, and those who do not want to trouble themselves. When we already have these two things, we confirm to choose cleaning fan as our service.

Fan cleaning service is not a difficult service since our group consists of ten members and every two of us will clean one fan. We have enough members to do the cleaning service and this service requires less energy and money. This is another reason why we chose this service. Compared to other services like car washing where it need lot more energy to clean a car than to clean a fan. Our main priority is to clean fans in Mahallah Maryam since they use orbit fans which is easy to disassemble in order to clean it. We already know the deal on how to disassemble and assemble the orbit fan and this is also resulting in why we chose fan cleaning service.


Our company theme is cleanliness is part of Iman (النظافة من لأيمان). We choose this theme because it is related to our jobs which is cleaning fan service. This phase is inspired by Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. When the Prophet S.A.W affirmed that cleanliness is part of Iman (faith), it means that every Muslim included man and woman must give priority to cleanliness. Islam constantly encourages its followers to live healthy in this world and to live happily in the hereafter. Islam also recommends us to live in peace and harmony. It encourages us to create an atmosphere that is healthy and fresh, to avoid pollution and wipe out dirty.

Keeping the environment clean keeps everyone healthy and happy. So it is our responsibility to keep ourselves and our surrounding clean. Other than that, by doing this service sincerity we also get the reward by Allah for helping others. Cleanliness also means purity. In doing our job, we have to disturb the privacy of our customer so we need the pure heart in order to prevent ourselves from doing such things that will harm our company reputation.



While we clean customers’ fan, we have to clime their beds or their chairs to take out the fan lid. So we need to very careful because the lid is easy to break if it drops from our hand. Besides that we also need to cautious while climbing to reach up the fan.


In doing our jobs we need to disturb our customers’ privacy. So before we doing the service, we inform our customers first before enter their room and doing other necessary things.


Sometimes we have time conflict since both of parties have their own schedule plan. Things become more complicated since the business timing is in examination period.


We also need to make sure our customers’ rooms clean as before we enter their room to clean their fans. It is because while we are cleaning up their fan, the dust from the fan will drop on the floor and on their other things. So before living their room we will sweep the floor and wipe the dust off their things.



1. We have to keep the cleanliness of ourselves and our surrounding as told by prophet

cleanliness is part if Iman”.

2. In order to make the job more smooth and organize we have to cooperate and help each other in

doing our jobs.

3. We must manage our time well since as students we have a lot of things that should be done and

most of them have a dateline.


1. We know how to manage our time so we can apply it in our daily life and avoid stress situation. If we are stress out we know how to deal and overcome it.

2. We have improved our confident level to speak in front of people. We also improved our communication and thinking skills.

3. We know how to plan our jobs with good strategic planning. So we can develop ourselves in any activities or programs and also in our daily life.


After running the business for one month, there are many experiences that we get from it. All plans have been successfully completed. We pray that our proposal will be liable and meet the satisfaction required in the task given by our trainer. We would like to thank our beloved trainer Miss Norhaslinda, friends and those who are involved directly or indirectly to make this project runs smoothly. We hope that this project will strengthen our ukhuwwah and all of us will obtain His pleasure and mercy. Insha Allah. Praise be to Allah and His Prophet.

The resolution

We always said Struggle to do this project, do the best for our 5 credit hours. (This sentence Bahiah said) Actually, this course only give 0.5 credit hours..huhu..but it give a lot of benefit when we finish doing this project. Every task that we get, we must always think positive. Do not give up when we do not try doing it yet. Please husnol zhan with every thing that was arranged by Allah. Allah knows the best for all. We need to pray and always ask to Allah. Make highly tawakkal to Him. May Allah bless us. Amin.

During the final presentation, Alhamdulillah we get good impression from all, including our beloved Head Trainer, Madam Wan. They totally agreed with our proposal. They also was asked to us either we want proceed this business or not after this? We with fully cooperation said to them : InsyaAllah(“,). But in our heart, huhu..only Allah knows that.

However, on behalf this project, from my own self, I would like to thank to all especially to my FANCLUB family. To Dee: Asst. Program Manager, Nazira: Secretary, Ean: Financial Controller, Wani: PC, Bahiah: Pub & Pro, Farahin: Prep & Tech, ‘Ain: Special Task, Ros: Photographer I and Salmi:

Photographer II.

Syukran jazilan to all for your fully cooperation and your participation during us was doing this project. And also for our friends who are always support us.(Leadership SemII 0809 Section 8). And also special thank to our customer who are make this project will come true. And to Hasbi, because give me borrow his pendrive when I wanted to print our first draft report this project.(At that time, I was at Office Enginius, fortunately he was there, and I forgot to brig my pendrive when I want to transfer from the laptop and print this report.)

Kenangan bersama FANCLUB Company takkan ku lupa selamanya..uhkwah fillah Abadan abada..^_^

~maaf, gambar sewaktu sedang bekerja, saya tidak boleh attachkan. Harap semua memahami.

Jazakallahu khairan jaza’.

FAN CLUB Company :: back: 'Ain, Dee, Wani, Salmi, Bahiah & Nazira.
front: Ean, Farahin, Syuhadah & Ros.


snowstarzz said...

wah.. satu buku kau letak dalam ni.. huhuhu.. n hampir semua gambar aku ader.. huhuhu thanks for everything ek adah..

farihan said...

mrs president for fanclub company..thanx byk2~ apapun,may this ukhwah remains till da very end..

Sri KaNdi^soLehah^_^ said...

to ain . ean..terima kasih jugak..^_^

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